What is the procedure of adding GPX routes to the Garmin GPS watch?

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Well, we all know that Garmin GPS sports watches provide various ways to know more from your workouts but there is a fact that the ability to add and follow the GPX routes and courses is a strong and powerful feature which isn’t much publicized. Well, you can add TPX or GPX routes to your Garmin watch to follow them as you run. It is not compatible with all watches like Fenix 5 Plus, Fenix 5, Fenix 3 and Forerunner 630, Forerunner 645 Music, Forerunner 735XT and Forerunner 935. Expect that list to enhance when Garmin proclaims an advanced collection of watches. Visit garmin.com/express to know more about this product and its configuration.

GPX routes

City runners can take advantage, combining up runs made in Strava and adding a variety to workouts, without pulling out Google Maps every five minutes when you have lost your bearings. You can get more information and advantages of this device from Garmin Express Login. Well, the process is very easy and simple when you know-how, so follow the given steps to get started:

Add GPX routes to your Garmin GPS watch:

Download Garmin Basecamp

First of all, download Garmin Basecamp from the Garmin website. Basecamp is a less known piece of Garmin software that is excellent for those who love the outdoors. Apart from importing and building routes, you can also build full ‘adventures’, geo-tagging and sorting pictures and planning trips and hikes. It is available for PC and Macs. In this guide, we will focus on the procedure of adding GPX routes to the Garmin GPS watch.

Now, import the TCX or GPX file into the Basecamp

In Garmin Basecamp, just click on My Collection and then go to File and then Import. Recover that GPX file and then press Import and it will have appeared in the right-hand panel which you will find under My Collection.

Connect Garmin watch and sync your Garmin Watch

Connect your supported Garmin watch and you will need to have Garmin Express installed to do all the interfacing and you will then see that it is listed in the top right under My Garmin Devices.

Head to the navigation settings within a run or cycle workout

Choose your GPX route from the left-hand panel with just a single click and then click on the Up arrow in the top-left hand corner. Then, a new window will appear and then you select your Garmin device from the appeared list. Press on Sync and it will be pressed to your watch

Select your route from the list that appears on your screen

Now, the time is to start your session and then, start an activity that can be hiking, running or cycling as long as it is outdoor, it can be anything and when the activity starts then press the menu button. Then, scroll down to Navigation and Courses. Your GPX course should display within the appeared list. Press on Select and you can then access a wide array of information.

These are the exact way through which you can easily add GPX routes to the Garmin GPS watch. If you have any queries against this device then get connected with the technical experts for instant help. Garmin Map Download is the best way if you do not want to lose anywhere while driving or jogging. It comes with outstanding and reliable map updates with so many features.

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